Reasons To Involve Whatsapp In Your Marketing Strategies Immediately

Did you know that a number of online businesses are including Whatsapp marketing in India in their marketing strategies? Read this blog and know the reasons. 

Whatsapp is no longer a chat platform for users. It has also become an innovative marketing tool promoting quality Whatsapp marketing services in Kolkata. Whatsapp offers end-to-end encryption to users along with free real-time communication. Discover all about it here.

Reasons To Incorporate Whatsapp In Your Marketing Strategies

  1. It is a widely-used communication platform

This amazing platform holds the ability to connect more than two billion people around the world. Till today, Whatsapp has been the most famous messaging app. Moreover, it has more than 1700 million active users monthly. Hence, incorporating it into your business gives you the opportunity to cater to a large target audience. 

  1. Users prefer to chat over calls 

Reaching out to your target customers on a channel they prefer is crucial in any marketing strategy. Studies suggest that users use their smartphones more for texting than for phone calls. Ideally, leveraging chat options make you available at any time for the users. 

  1. Consumers are already present on Whatsapp

Unlike other social media apps, you do not have to search for consumers on Whatsapp. Because they are already present there! The platform offers a diverse set of audiences that makes advertising easier. Since Whatsapp has a global user base, it has become a go-to channel for a wide range of audience segments. 

  1. WhatsApp provides high user engagement 

WhatsApp has an incredibly high engagement rate than any other messaging app. More than 98% of mobile messages are a must to open as well as read. Moreover, 90% of users tend to respond to these messages within three seconds of receiving them. Thus, your marketing message is surely going to get open and read on Whatsapp. Other features like Whatsapp status and read receipts also drive user engagement. 

  1. A platform that seeks permission

Whatsapp is the only platform offering permission-based marketing. Searching for contacts or buying them is not so simple here. You have to either request them to share their number or to text you first. Hence, you need to respect the user’s right to receive or reject your message in both cases.

  1. Personalize conversations

Whatsapp’s special features like personalized communications help to cater to your unique customer needs. This makes your marketing not only relevant but also authentic. For instance, a clothing brand that knows the buying preference of its customers can send exciting offers and messages. 


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