Take Your Business Forward with Transactional SMS Marketing

Take Your Business Forward with Transactional SMS MarketingTransactional SMS marketing can take your business a step forward. Get in touch with the most reputed SMS Service Provider in Kolkata to avail the best service.

The term ‘transactional SMS’ has become quite popular in every sector of this business world. One needs to understand various things prior to using the service. It is recommended to take support from the top service provider of Transactional SMS in Kolkata. Here are the most important things that must be known about the Transactional SMS.

What is it?

An instructive content, which can be sent to every mobile number, is known as a Transactional SMS. As per the regulations of the TRAI, these types of messages can be also sent to the activated numbers that are there in the DND list.

How Transactional SMS Is Different from Promotional SMS?

While the promotional messages keep the focus on the deals and offers of all sorts of services and products, transactional messages include the information related to the personal things like bank credits, payment dues, etc. In addition to this, unlike promotional ones, transactional SMS can be sent to each and every number. Transactional SMS does not advertise or promote in any manner.

How Transactional SMS is Useful?

Insurance companies and banks use the service for sending loads of information to the customers. These messages help to inform the audience about the transactions, credit card bills, and the payment dues. Similarly, the public transport systems like the railways, airlines, and the tour agencies use transactional messages for informing the passengers all about the ticket confirmation, reservations, and the schedule of the trip are also included. This saves a lot of time and help the passengers in several ways. This has also affected the learning environment. Most of the colleges and the institutes use this SMS service for sending different types of information to the parents of the students and the students too. The students receive information about the examinations, and their results, whereas the parents receive proper information related to the progress and performance of the student. The larger establishments for in-house broadcasting too make use of this SMS marketing service. In addition to this, the company can send urgent and necessary information to their clients, suppliers, the bank officials, and the other stakeholders within a couple of seconds. Here, it has been made clear that every sector has gained a few things from this type of messaging service.

How Can the Transactional SMSs Be Sent?

It needs multiple steps for sending the informative content. First, one needs to get in touch with a reputed SMS Service Provider in Kolkata. Then choose the most appropriate service package for your business. Once, the payments are cleared, they may ask to provide some of the mandatory documents along with the sender ID. All of the documents are equally important for creating your account. Finally, one can get the advantages of the SMS marketing services. Reach your customers in no time with these services.