What are the Three Ways of Segmenting Your SMS Subscribers?

What are the Three Ways of Segmenting Your SMS SubscribersThe top service provider of SMS Marketing in Kolkata can help in reaching out to more number of audiences and help in converting them into loyal customers.

SMS marketing is one of the proven effective ways to get in touch with the targeted market. The speed of SMS marketing plus the high open rates give the opportunity to improve the customer service. Every SMS marketer must know his or her customers, understand their needs, what makes the customers buy the products and avail the services, and how the business products and services sync up with that desire. These information may help in developing the best SMS marketing strategies. To reach bulk of customers in seconds it is essential to get in touch with the best service provider of SMS Marketing in Kolkata. Sometimes, knowing and understanding the customers are not enough. For over the best results, segmenting does the actual tactful work. Divide the subscribers’ list into smaller teams according to the characteristics shared by them. When creating the bulk SMS campaigns, this will help in keeping the messages customized as well as relevant.

Here are the Three Ways to Segment the SMS Subscribers:-

Separate or Split by Demographic:- This is the most common option. Segment or separate based on age, gender, birthday, locality, and other similar characteristics. By this way, one can make sure he or she is sending personalized and exclusive offers, which encourage high redemption.

Segmenting by Procuring Behavior:- It is also possible to segment the customers based on the purchasing behavior of them. Say, for an e-commerce business, one can just check out the previous purchase records, the products shared on the social media, and the products they have added to their cart. When these information are there about the customers, it will be easy to create SMS offers that may act as the comprehensive solution to their problems.

Segment by Interaction:- It is also possible to segment or separate the customers according to their statuses. Is the customer a first-time buyer? A weekly or a monthly shopper? Or maybe he or she is the customer who has still not ordered or purchased anything from the online store for over a year. Make the separation according to the status of the customers and then tailor the messages accordingly to enhance the offers for every segment. For example, the way one would talk to a first-time buyer will be quite different from a permanent or a loyal customer who purchases from the online store on a weekly or monthly basis. To the first-timers, the text should offer a welcome gift. But the loyal customers must be rewarded with the offers that provide priority access to the big sales events. When using the bulk SMS strategy, look for the service, which will allow to deliver the messages to distinct segments. This will probably help in giving a better focus on the SMS marketing efforts and boost customer loyalty and increase sales and profit. The top Bulk SMS Reseller in Kolkata can help in this.