The Successful Way To Reach Your Customers: Whatsapp Marketing

whatsapp marketing service

In today’s digital world, everything depends on technology. Leverage the power of whatsapp marketing services in Kolkata to ease business communications. 

Brands have been on the receiving end of encountering heavy losses SMS marketing is a trusted medium of engagement that has become effective in helping businesses reach the zenith of success. In this scenario, marketers with the help of text messaging have been able to target their prospective customers to pitch new products and services. 

WhatsApp has more active users than LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. They have easily managed to reach every corner of the world. Two former Yahoo employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum introduced WhatsApp. Koum visualized the potential of this messaging app taking the world by storm. At first, the app only catered to blackberry users that allowed free messaging service to users. Instantly it gained 2,50,000 active users. Later the company introduced multimedia messaging features. This made WhatsApp the top app most frequently downloaded by iOS and Android users.  WhatsApp Marketing in India is one of the greatest marketing strategies to give momentum to your business. 

Most Significant Changes Of WhatsApp Marketing Over The Years?

  • Addition Of Voice calling facility 
  • The instant facility of taking images while chatting
  • You can easily change admin 
  • Sliding horizontally to move from calls to chats and contacts
  • Control has last seen option
  • Ease of sending Voice messages 

Reasons Why WhatsApp Has Become The Best Medium For Communications-

  1. Messaging Tool: Easy messaging tools such as quick replies enhance and ease the process of communication between two parties or more.  You can save your time by availing yourself of three types of scheduled messages that the app offers. 
  2. WhatsApp Web: Generating leads and converting them into devoted customers require effective marketing strategies. So, it has become an essential need for businesses to up their marketing game. You can easily send and receive messages using WhatsApp Web on your desktop. 
  3. WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp Business application allows you to create a  profile for your brand or business. Also, you can add your business information like physical address, email ids, list products, prioritize the brand’s USP, etc. With two different numbers listed for the existing WhatsApp messaging and the current WhatsApp business, you can operate both simultaneously. 

WhatsApp marketing through texts, audio, videos, and also, images are playing a huge role in attracting potential customers. It is an economical, reliable, and also, the convenient messaging app that helps marketers establish a strong bond with customers.

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