Tips To Make Bulk SMS More Effective Among Customers

Bulk SMS is a very popular digital marketing process. Here is a write up on how SMS Marketing in Kolkata can be made more effective with a better reach.


Bulk SMS is one of the fastest ways to reach out to a large number of potential customers at the same time. It is also a very pocket-friendly way to reach out to your customers. This is the reason why Bulk SMS Marketing in Kolkata is becoming so popular over the years. However, there are also ways and means by which you can make bulk SMS more effective so that a large number of people read your message and is actually benefitted:

How to make bulk SMS more effective

Send messages which are of interest to the customer:

Remember, the objective is to make customers interested in your product or service and for that, it is important that they find your message relevant to their needs. So, do not just send SMS informing them of any happening in your company, send information which benefits them – like discount offers or special invitation meant for the customers. Customers would read the SMS that is of interest to them.

Short and crisp Messages

A customer does not have all the time in the world. Hence it is not feasible for the customer to read big messages or messages that are more of a language jargon. Keep your messages short, crisp and creative. This way you will convey your message well and generate interest in your customer as well.

Do not flood with messages:

A customer likes to read messages that are interesting but that does not mean you have to flood your customer with one message after the other. So, choose your messages wisely. Know the priority messages and send them accordingly.

Select the time of sending messages wisely:

Yes, bulk messages are sent in a bulk and there is sometimes difficulty in regulating the time pattern of sending the messages but it is wiser if you don’t send messages in the middle of the night or during peak work hours. Messages sent during these hours will only cause disturbance and the customer will ignore the messages.

Select customers from a reliable database:

It depends on genuine databases so that your messages reach genuine customers and unnecessary money is not wasted on sending messages to wrong or defunct numbers.

But above all, it is important to select a good service provider for better reach and effectiveness. For the best bulk SMS service in Kolkata, you can rely on Web2sms .