Why SMS Marketing is the Best Way to Promote A Business?

sms marketing

Promoting a business is very necessary nowadays and that is why one should opt for SMS marketing. Read on to know more about it.

The emergence of mobile phones is here to stay. Almost 90% of the population have a mobile handset with them. This is what the marketers are using to their advantage. Marketing is one of the most important parts of promoting business and social media marketing is gaining huge popularity. But, not everyone can afford smartphones or have access to social media. This is where SMS marketing kicks in. The art of SMS marketing is very luring as well as engaging for all of them who wish to set a benchmark in the field of business. Researchers say that almost 70% of every mobile search made triggers a positive action within an hour. As Neil Patel says,  “Mobile is not just the future, it has revolutionized business.”

SMS marketing is one such medium which big entrepreneurs favour mostly. With the help of this, one can reach all their potential customers. This will also take much less time than conventional marketing methods. Moreover, with almost every person in this country using a mobile phone, the reach of this facility is also wide and productive.  SMS marketing is almost a hidden gem in the advertising world. As more brands and companies are looking for innovative, faster and effective means of targetting their customers, the technique of SMS helps in multi-channel marketing, adapted entirely to the digital strategy. You can avail this from promotional SMS provider. Here is why SMS marketing is the best way of promoting a business.

Text-the Best Way to Promote A Business:

SMS is Easy to Understand:

While everyone is familiar with the functioning of SMS’s, its popularity is consecutively soaring day by day. One knows how to open them and read them. Studies say that Sms’s have a spectacular opening rate with every SMS opened within a time period of 10 minutes. But one cannot say the same for voice messaging. There are many who have still not had a grasp over this technology. As a result, when the companies decide to integrate voice messaging in their marketing strategy, their mission remains failed as half of the messages remain unread. This will be a huge waste of the budget. It is very likely that one sends and receives voice messages on a daily basis, the same cannot happen for voice message as many people are still flummoxed by this. 

This is Device Friendly:-

SMS messaging is one of the most basic features of every phone. Almost every low end to high-end handsets can receive messages in them. There are almost 4.68 billion mobile phone users in the world. This means there are a whole lot of eyes waiting to read messages throughout the day. This is a big key to crafting marketing strategies.

SMS Reaches More People:

When private messages are read out loud, their implications are not good at all. Similarly, even during marketing, when the messages are kept private and on a one to one basis, they have a more direct effect on the potential customers. This is because the consequences of a breach of privacy are massive. Voice messaging does not have the features to maintain this privacy. On the other hand, the content of SMS will never be consumed or seen by any other person other than the receiver. It also helps in reaching a larger audience. The SMS Service Provider In Kolkata also keeps data of more people.

SMS Does Not Require An Additional App:-

While people often struggle with limited storage space on their own phones, the thought of having to download an extra app on the phones is very stressful. For mobile users, using the SMS service will not be a problem at all since they can access it directly from their mobiles. However, in the case of voice messaging, it may not be compatible with many mobile handsets, despite the Google Voice SMS feature. But that demands one to download the app which might not be possible all the time.

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