Top 7 Reasons To Support SMS As A Great Business Service Channel!

Apart from the reliability, bulk SMS service in India is quick, cost-effective, and reaches potential customers. Know how its efficiency can benefit your business. 

The regular text messaging service has now become a part of business marketing. Bulk SMS service rises steps above email and are so popular as it serves a 2-way personal communication between you and your client. Let’s know more from the most low cost bulk SMS service provider in Kolkata

7 Times SMS Benefits Your Business As A Service Channel

Quick Delivery

As far as delivery is concerned, SMS by bulk SMS service provider is pretty immediate. It is also quite efficient and takes some seconds to reach the most prospective audience. It is rare to find such a quick form of advertising. 

Rapid Results

The best part about using bulk SMS service is that you will be able to view who receives them instantly. Additionally, you may also see other relevant analytical data including how many open it or read it. You may also know the most significant information of who is responding to it. 


SMS Services are directly sent to an individual customer meaning it is an extremely personal message. Mobile devices are very personal devices. Hence, customers are more likely to respond with greater personal immediacy. You may improve this further by delivering it as a personal text to each client.


Text messages are inexpensive especially when you purchase them in bulk. No other method of marketing offers such affordable outputs. Particularly, in comparison with traditional forms of advertising such as radio, TV, and print media.      

Easy To Use

Due to its reach and simplicity, SMS is one of the best globally acceptable communication methods. Every client knows how to open them, read and reply to them. Moreover, messages with 160 characters are small, concise, and directly talk to the point. Everyone likes it simple and sweet. 

Global Marketing Platform

Text messages are made with the aim to reach people who have a reasonably modern mobile phone and a good cell phone network. So you can easily reach thousands of clients in an instant irrespective of where you are sitting.


Unlike email, which can deliver all types of shady attachments, SMS services are much more reliable. SMS services do not generally come with a spam box that makes it easier for clients to trust them. 


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