Propagating Business Through Efficient Missed Call Services In Kolkata

You can leverage missed call services in your business as an advertising medium which renders better accessibility to the markets. Read to know more.

In today’s world of digitization and technology. Missed call marketing is one of the most effective business tools that helps in enhancing business performance. The meaning of the term is exactly as it sounds- the customers call back in the number which was used to target ads at them but instead of talking, they hang the call. The missed call service companies for businesses will then make a call to all these phone numbers or send them messages which contain some important information about a certain deal, offers, or coupons

What Are The Pros Of Missed Call Services?

  • When we receive a missed call, the mobile network operator immediately informs us, through auto-reply SMS, who the caller was. Similarly, Business companies are using similar kinds of service called missed call service to help their customers by sending them auto reply through SMS or by calling them back to reach out to their queries.
  • Suppose you run a movie theatre. You can provide the facility to your customers by missed call service. The customers can give a missed call in your authorized number. Upon receiving the missed call you can confirm movie tickets for him through an auto-reply SMS or by calling him back.
  • Now, to create a missed call service campaign in Kolkata you need to have a toll-free number. After the network provider gives you the virtual number, you can use it in your marketing campaigns like ‘ Give a missed call, Take your Ticket’. You can publish it in the newspaper, on social media, on your business website, or some smart campaign Google Ads.

How Does The Feature Of Missed Calls Help In Generating Business Leads?

For every business to succeed, effective and hassle-free communication is the key, one which enables marketers to establish engaging conversations with all their potential customers. Taking services from the missed call number service provider in Kolkata ensures that you stay connected instantly and also, within a shorter time. Some of the different ways the missed call feature allow companies to generate business leads is as follows:

  1. Connection – Expanding the reach of the company and adding more customers.
  2. Subscription – Increasing subscriptions allow the business to grow.
  3. Verification – Sorting out visitors or consumers who are qualitative.
  4. Voting – Conducting polls and also, surveys and gaining customer feedback.

India comes second, globally, with 1 billion-plus mobile phone users. There are several reasons why the number of mobile handsets is plummeting. In the age of Whatsapp, Facebook, and also, other apps. The missed call service allows one to connect without using any talk time. Therefore, this is very economical as well as wide-reaching. 

Final words

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