WhatsApp Marketing: Explore The Power Of The Best Messaging Platform

whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp offers a convenient conversation space to receive complete customer attention. Know how WhatsApp marketing in India has become so important.

For prospective audiences to know about your business it is important that you portray your brand correctly. Having a positive brand persona can have a lasting impact on your new and existing customers. For this, you need to have an engaging connection with your customers. And interact with them on a regular basis, develop a friendly relation and cater to their needs. Whatsapp marketing services in Kolkata use whatsapp’s many different features. Such as optimizing reach, lead generation, conversions, promotions, and sales of any business. 

The popularity of WhatsApp became the talk of the town. It gradually attracted big banners and investors. With the rising growth of the company’s profits, It became a threat to most. Facebook in 2014 acquired WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars.

Exploring Various Features Of WhatsApp Marketing: 

After knowing the strengths, you need to understand the different elements of WhatsApp. This will help to drive sales for your business. Some methods to interact with your customer includes:

  1. One-To-One Chat: Send direct chat to your customers. Thus it gives an opportunity to directly connect with your leads via audio, videos, and text messages. 
  2. Broadcast Lists: Send any number of messages to your contact list with this feature. 
  3. Group Chat: You can create a group of a maximum of 256 people and share your message with everyone there. Therefore, there is no hindrance in sharing relevant information with your customers anymore. 

What Are The Reasons To Create A Winning WhatsApp Marketing Strategy In India?

  • You Can Personalize Your WhatsApp Conversions: One-to-one interactions help your business cater to your customers’ unique interests and also, requirements. Also, you get an opportunity to connect with them on a personal level. This makes your message more relevant and also, authentic.
  • Permission-Based Marketing: The best part about WhatsApp is you cannot simply buy contacts as you can request them to share their number or message you first. Hence there is no question of intrusion as you only cater to customers who are genuinely interested in your products and services. 
  • Easy Marketing Tool: Easy messaging tools such as quick replies enhance and ease the process of communication between customers and business owners. Also, you can save your time by using three types of scheduled messages that the app offers. 


WhatsApp is an excellent medium for customer service. Its used to resolving queries, sharing FAQs, tracking order delivery, and also, leveraging conversational chatbots. Seek help from professionals of Web2sms, the leading company that provides WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata.