Mobile & Bulk SMS Marketing: How To Plan A Successful Campaign?

bulk sms service

Bulk promotional sms marketing in Kolkata can help you market your products and services well. Keep reading the blog to know more about sms and mobile marketing. 

SMS is a great way to make your customers aware of the newly launched products and services. The bulk sms service provider in Kolkata can help you make your products reach a wider audience and prioritize your brand’s exclusiveness. The more personalized your services are, the more you gain customers’ trust. So, offer benefits, perks, discounts, and rewards to increase customer retention. Moreover, one-to-one communication with clients helps in increasing trustworthiness and credibility. 

Tips to Target Your Prospective Customers Via Bulk SMS Marketing

  • Strategic Timing: Each and every person is searching for value-added service. Today there are a number of companies listed on the internet, customers get inclined to those that offer something extra. With personalized texts and messages you can benefit easily. Customers love instant communication when they have the option of immediate messaging. However, there are certain timeframes that you need to concentrate on if you want more attention. For example, 21% of retail messages choose the time between 5 PM-6 PM. Do not send texts before 8 AM and after 9 PM. Also, plan your messages in a way that they get delivered amidst peak response time. 
  • Analyze And Iterate: You need to be prudent and at the top of your game to decide what type of campaigns are more successful than the others. Keep an eye out for responses by the time of day, contact demographics, purchase history, etc. Then optimize future campaigns based on these observations. 
  • Relevant CTA To Drive Traffic: Keep your interaction with your customers alive and active. Important Call-to-Action buttons like “ Click here”, “ Text to vote”, “Buy now”  help in increasing your engagement with customers. Though these are much common in email marketing, blogs, and websites. But adding clickable items in your smses will guarantee a much higher response rate. 

Pro tip: Make sure your SMS should have 3 parts- one that sends the notification and alert, one part value, and one part action. To stick to the 160 character limit, use a URL shortener of your website or landing page.

Affordable bulk sms service in Kolkata can help you gain momentum in your business by engaging with your clients at any instant. It has the highest open rates along with the quickest response rate. Thus, if you want to convert your prospective leads into trustable partners, make use of bulk sms service. Web2sms is the best sms service provider you need to contact if you want to take your business to a great height.