Which One Is For You Among SMS And WhatsApp Marketing Services?

SMS vs Whatsapp Marketing

Today, we are spending more time on our phones. Wonder why? It is because savvy WhatsApp marketing in Kolkata is constantly coming up with newer upgrades.

Marketers are investing more in mobile marketing channels. Their aim is to attract the highest number of prospective customers. Both SMS and bulk WhatsApp marketing in Kolkata are witnessing great popularity. But you can apply any one of them. Know the difference between them and what is more suitable for you. 

SMS Vs. WhatsApp Marketing: The Differences

  • Although we are very familiar with texting from a cell phone, the way businesses do it is very different. The strategy of SMS marketing is generally done using an online SMS platform. But unlike texting, WhatsApp operates on one application. 
  • Online platforms like these allow businesses to send out messages to potentially hundreds of contacts at once. It does not create an impersonal feel of a group text. But that’s not the case with WhatsApp! Once you download the application, you can easily set up your business profile.
  • Later, you can also send mass blasts to a large group of users and also manage replies. WhatsApp is effective for scheduling messages. The biggest benefit of SMS Marketing over Whatsapp marketing is that you do not have to download a specific app for that. 
  • SMS marketing is able to set up multiple numbers available on one account whereas Whatsapp cannot. But the biggest similarity between the both of them is their ability to set up automatic messages. Both WhatsApp and SMS marketing can send mass messages. 

Which Messaging Channel Is The One For You?

  1. Deciding which messaging channel to choose totally depends on the necessity of your business. If your brand operates somewhere in Europe, Whatsapp might be a more useful tool to reach out to prospective clients. WhatsApp is more popular there. 
  2. It’s 2021 and everyone depends on texting now. Internal department’s text, business texts, etc. are not going to end anytime soon. This indicates that texting has become an undeniable part of our daily lives. 
  3. When you choose WhatsApp marketing, you get the benefit of seeing whether the customers are liking your services or not. You can check the number of views and how well customers are responding. But not with SMS marketing where you are just the sender and have to wait for their response. 

So, depending on the unique needs of your business, you can either optimize SMS marketing services or WhatsApp marketing.


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