Why Do Enterprises Emphasize Upon Missed Call Campaigns?

Missed Call Campaigns Over Other Campaign Types?

Probably, every enterprise wants to have direct communication with its audience. Hence, they are likely to use the missed call number service in Kolkata. 

While there are various marketing campaigns out there, the missed call service is the most preferred one. It is a simple way of communicating with your customers directly as well as capturing their information. Moreover, there are no additional expenses for using a missed call campaign. Continue reading and discover the many benefits of a missed call.

What can a missed call do?

Typically, it works with various types of mobile numbers. It has both inward dialing numbers and virtual mobile numbers. Check out the list of their benefits. 

  • Verification and Validation

A missed call service in India works perfectly when you want customer verification. Furthermore, customers will simply be able to verify their phone number by giving a missed call on the number. 

  • Opt-in and Opt-out

If you are unsure about the type of updates your customer wants, you can simply let them opt out. Hence, they can join you at any time according to their preference with just a missed call. Opt-ins make sure that there are no spam registrations which saves both time and effort.

  • Collect Information via voting 

When it comes to collecting information about products and services, nothing beats a missed calls. Many enterprises believe in comparing the performances of various products and services. Particularly, from the end users, who only need a solution. 

  • Quality generation of Leads 

This service works perfectly for businessmen living in small or rural towns. Because they do not have complete Internet access, it becomes difficult for them to reach their customers. But not anymore when missed calls are right here to do the trick. Hence, one can never miss a lead after incorporating a virtual number in all marketing campaigns.

  • Rapid Integration with Analytic tools 

Meanwhile, it can easily sync with custom analytics tools. This includes Google Analytics as well as CRM. Acquiring insights and capturing specific user journeys with a reporting interface becomes easier with missed calls. 

  • Maximum reach 

Since missed calls don’t require any additional cost, companies can get inputs from almost every customer. The possibilities of feedback or response maximize if the enterprise is optimizing Missed calls solutions. 

Thus, these were the benefits of missed call marketing over other marketing campaigns. 


It’s high time you should leverage missed call service for business. Explore a wide range of cost-effective benefits with missed call solutions. Contact Web2SMS today to enquire about missed call service in Kolkata. Find out exciting plans and packages that will ultimately profit your business.