2022 Has BroughtThe Most Effective Text Marketing Trends

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SMS or short message is an invention of the 20th century. In 2022, the best bulk SMS service provider in Kolkata has come up with some text marketing trends. 

Today, several consumers prefer to strike up a conversation with the brand before purchasing. This is why the open rates of SMS are as high as 98 per cent compared to other communication mediums. In this blog, you will discover the top 3 trends of SMS marketing in 2022. So, keep reading. 

Top 3 Text Message Marketing Trends To Know

  1. Cross-Selling With The Use Of Transactional SMS

At present, consumers highly opt for SMS whenever they want to receive updates about their orders. Additionally, text messages allow brands offer instant value through transaction notifications. Especially, about the purchase order, confirmation or shipping/delivery updates. Moreover, brands receive an “in” for cross-selling and up-selling for future orders along with keeping the customers engaged. 

  1. Auto-Reply Messages 

Automatic replies are nothing new because we know them for a long time. But using it in the most appropriate way is something that is unaware to all. Hence, auto-reply text is one of the most effective ways that help both big and small companies. One can save time by providing valuable information to their customers. It assures them a reply in the least time they are expecting. As a result, text messaging becomes the most efficient marketing tool that helps you construct a loyal consumer base. 

  1. SMS Campaigns 

Rich media campaigns optimize SMS as something that triggers their clients. After implementing them, the next step for companies is to carefully analyze the insights. You can also monitor the stats of the performance. Most enterprises use this detail for planning their next marketing move. Hence, reaching their target audience becomes easy with a fully-strategized SMS campaign.

What Are The Types Of SMS Marketing You Can Use?

  • Discounts and promotional deals: The most common yet also the most powerful SMS Marketing campaign. 
  • SMS coupons: These are very much like discount texts and are delivered in the form of MMS. 
  • Flash sales: This form of SMS marketing promotion is available for a very short period of time. 
  • Text for winning competitions: Everybody wants to win and therefore, companies use these SMS marketing tactics. 
  • Alerts and notifications: Using this kind of text, you can send almost any type of alert and notification. 
  • Loyalty programs: Effective for creating relationships with your potential consumers. 


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