SMS vs WhatsApp: Which is Better for Marketing Communications?

Whatsapp & SMS marketing

Whatsapp and SMS marketing are excellent for increasing sales and expanding your brand. A quick guide to why WhatsApp marketing in Kolkata is better.

When WhatsApp reached 27.6 million active users in the UK at the end of 2019, most consumers believed WhatsApp was actually replacing SMS. Considering how quickly consumers are signing up for bulk WhatsApp marketing in India, that might be right.

Why does WhatsApp Marketing in Kolkata score more than SMS?

Most consumers still use SMS today, but things are slightly different in developing countries. The majority of mobile phone users prefer WhatsApp as their primary messaging app. The number of consumers using WhatsApp today has grown significantly due to its affordability and reliability. As Statista reports, at least 80% of all active mobile users, actively use WhatsApp for messaging.

  • SMS is free, but it’s free. Mobile operators in the UK charge a flat rate of   0.07 to   0.11 when sending text messages. This makes using SMS more expensive than WhatsApp.
  • International messages are more expensive in the UK. A person travelling to the UK finds it economical to download and use WhatsApp for domestic messaging as it is affordable for international messaging.
  • Works with end-to-end encryption. This means that WhatsApp is safe even when sending messages over public networks or his WiFi which is free.
  • WhatsApp allows more characters than the normal threshold of 160 characters for standard SMS. It also allows users to send other content such as videos and voice messages.
  • WhatsApp allows group messaging and has features for business. Provides a threaded view of all bulk messages sent to a group of recipients.

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in Kolkata offers the following benefits:

  1. Users may simply incorporate emoticons into their texts with the multimedia messaging feature.
  2. A plethora of rich features- Whatsapp Marketing includes a plethora of rich features such as voice calls and video calls.
  3. Encrypted texts- Encryption is one of Whatsapp’s main selling advantages.
  4. Simple and quick to install- There is no other programme that is as simple and quick to install as Whatsapp. Furthermore, establishing a business is incredibly simple.

How can bulk WhatsApp advertising assist scale small and medium-scale companies? 

Small neighbourhood companies are generally restricted to at least one specific geographical location. Expanding your commercial enterprise thru bodily shops can contain lots of investment. Thus imposing whatsapp advertising strategies. They could enhance your earnings and overall performance simultaneously.  

  • Promotion via whatsapp is a remarkable way to make capable purchasers aware of your presence.  
  • Local companies and entrepreneurs can ask their clients for remarks and reviews.  
  • Sending texts, audio, and motion pictures via whatsapp is free of cost. Hence no more rates for promotions in contrast to print media.  


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