5 Amazing Reasons Why Businesses Must Opt For Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS Service

Possibly, every business needs bulk SMS service in Kolkata at some point in time. Read this blog to unleash the reasons why a business should use promotional SMS.

Technological advances are bringing momentum in business promotion. Mobile is an essential tool when it comes to technology. In the marketing sector, bulk promotional SMS in Kolkata is a popular term. It is an ideal method of promoting businesses. 

The Perks Of Using Mobile-Friendly Promotional SMS In Business

  • Flexible And Personalized

When identifying the benefits of promotional SMS, one cannot forget to mention its flexibility. Brands using promotional texts can add, match and mix a text SMS with different things that make your promotion efficient. Businesses can use these texts for making sale announcements, offering a temporary discount and promoting new products/services. Thus, it is a great and potential way of marketing. 

  • Mobile-Friendly

Since 99% of users are checking your brand on their mobile devices, make sure they have a smooth experience with promotional texts. Everything from shopping to booking tickets takes place on phones. Moreover, the biggest perk of promotional SMS marketing is that you don’t even need an Internet connection. Moreover, it can be a compelling marketing asset. 

  • Wider Demographic Reach

Promotional SMS helps with nothing but widening the demographic reach. Hence, do not focus on a single marketing campaign that reaches only a handful of demographics. Instead, opt for text marketing that reaches a larger audience. As long as they carry a cell phone, they will enjoy the promotional SMS your brand sends them. Additionally, your brand gains more exposure that makes you a part of their world. 

  • Fosters Customers Engagement

Promotional SMS not only gives you the opportunity to engage with customers but also gives you a medium to keep them engaged. Moreover, your customers feel that you are easily accessible to them and also highly reliable. Precisely, your brand gives them a reason to visit again and again. Because you are always present on their mobile phones in the form of messages. 

  • Immediate Channel

Promotional SMS is one of the most effective as well as immediate channels that reach customers in no time. Thus, within a maximum duration of 15 minutes, your brand is already reaching a wider group of people. Also, bulk messages have a 97% open rate. Consequently, your customers will receive all the critical information about your business instantly. Studies prove that 45% of SMS campaigns are successful with a reach of 50%. 


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