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The Features Of

Bulk Voice Call/OBD

  • It is cost-efficient, easy and there are no hidden costs.

  • You can record the message in any language.

  • User-friendly and easy control portal

  • You can schedule calls

  • The dialler is automatic

  • Same flat prices for both mobile and landline numbers.

  • Easily access contacts in bulk

  • Fully Automated System,

our package &

pricing plan

  • Plan 1

    25,000 Voice CallINR. 10,000

    Validity3 Months

    Per voice call Rate40P

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  • Plan 2

    50,000 voice callINR. 17,500

    Validity6 Months

    Per voice call Rate35P

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  • Plan 3

    1,00,000 voice callINR. 30,000

    Validity1 Year

    Per voice call Rate30P

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  • Plan 4

    3,00,000 voice callINR. 75,000

    Validity2 Year

    SMS Rate25P

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Bulk Voice Call/OBD is a technology that is used to convey messages within a very short period of time over the phone. It plays a recorded message to millions of call recipients. You are very familiar with these automated calls or messages when you get alerts, notifications, choose a caller tune and have received calls from your service provider for other promotional messages.

It helps you communicate with clients by calling them over the phone anywhere in the country and play a pre-recorded message with the help of an automated online system. Since, the process is completely automated no dialler or operators are needed. Once you set your system with the message and contact list with the help of our user-friendly online portal. After that our system will call the recipients and play the recorded message accordingly.

You can use Bulk Voice Call/OBD for an array of opportunities for an array of reasons like event notifications, lead generations, political campaigns, notifications, reminders, marketing, promotional services, etc.



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The duration of each call is ...... This duration includes the time of call-setup and disconnects time as well. Thus, for the actual message you get ...... You can also use more than one pulse in each call.
You can upload as many phone numbers as you can. There are no limits to this.
Once you make the payment and the payment is confirmed, the package gets activated as soon as possible.
Once you have made the payment then the package is all yours. There is no validity clause for them. These packages are valid for a lifetime.
No, there are no different rates for local and std numbers. It all comes included in the package.
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