Advantages Of Voice Broadcasting Services For Educational Domain


Did you know that voice SMS services in Kolkata is used by several industries including the educational sector? Read this blog to discover its advantages.

Bulk voice call service in Kolkata is one of the best ways that allow you to communicate with your customers directly. You can broadcast your message to a large audience group at a single time. In this communication technique, what really matters is the quality of the messages. 

5 Ways In Which Voice Broadcast Services Help Educational Institutions

  1. Running Admission Campaigns 

One can run several admission campaigns at the beginning of the academic session. Voice broadcasting allows you to advertise both your institute and promote the admissions. For example, you run an admission campaign for college and wish to promote the admissions. Hence, voice broadcasting saves you from the problems of personally calling every individual. It also paves the way to get feedback from the person at the end of the call. 

  1. Communicate With Parents 

With the pandemic coming into our lives, communicating with parents has become all the more difficult. But voice call or SMS services help you contact them just when you are sitting at your office. In fact, parents can also communicate with the teachers using these services. Information regarding absence or reminders for a school trip- everything becomes easy with bulk voice call services.

  1. Show Results

Gone are the days when educational institutions had to publish results on the school notice board. These days, students want their results to be available on their mobile or electronic devices. However, with bulk SMS, students need not worry about their slow internet connection. Result broadcasting has simply got easier through voice call services. All you need to do is provide the details of the students. 

  1. Connecting With The Students 

Voice broadcasting provides a more competitive approach to delivering school notifications than phone calls. It can easily send holiday announcements due to poor weather conditions. Teachers can also convey information related to extra classes or other activities. Voting for any contest can also be done easily with voice SMS or call services. 

  1. Run Social Welfare Campaigns

The education industry demands you to be a part of several social campaigns such as anti-ragging, women’s safety, etc. You can assign a different number for each of these campaigns. Voice broadcasting further makes your students aware of each drive taking place in your educational institution. Consequently, students can communicate regarding any issue they face without providing their identification. 


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