Amplify User Shopping Experience in Fashion, Via Mobile Devices

Whatspp marketing

Customers leverage all types of media to make an informed shopping decision from Facebook, Whatsapp to Youtube, and Instagram. Mobile communication is becoming the center of all marketing strategies. One of the biggest trends you can see is through sms marketing where marketers use text messages to drive in more sales.

The Rise of Mobile Marketing:-

  • Lately, there has been a huge change in people’s shopping trends. Earlier e-commerce was on the rise, but in the current scenario, e-commerce shopping is evolving.
  • If you are wondering about the difference between the two, here is a quick catch-up.
  • E-commerce refers to electronic commerce where you can shop via the internet with the help of desktops.
  • M-commerce involves the use of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Also, the main benefit is you can conduct your business on the go.
  • Gaining quick access to a desktop is doubtful, therefore staying connected 24*7 through mobile devices is much easier. As a result, brands can directly communicate with their customers through popular messaging apps. Whatsapp marketing in India is another business strategy that is scaling heights of success.
  • Thus, the use of mobile devices perfectly bridges the physical experience of shopping from a retail store with the trending online medium of shopping.

Fashion M-Commerce with Mobile Devices:-

More than 60% of shoppers use their phones for shopping. In fact, fashion apps tapped into mobile marketing trends for quite some time now.

Here is how you can enhance the shopping experience of your customers by integrating mobile in each step:

Push Notifications:-

Customized push notifications are a great hack to the direction of the attention of your customers to your brand. 80% of consumers are more interested in buying from retailers who offer personalized experiences. Also, you can send notifications, reminders, update about upcoming deals through bulk WhatsApp marketing services too.

App Benefits:-

Ask any of your customers, and he will invariably say that he will prefer a shopping app than a website. This is of great benefit to your marketer, as the use of the shopping app confirms he will be a regular customer.


Chatbots are unique AI features that help to conduct online chat conversations by providing a direct connection with a human live agent. For customers, it is advantageous as they get quick, instant responses to all their queries. For brands, it will enhance customer service, gaining consumer data, and better lead generation. Doing business in mobile commerce needs you to be versatile in all platforms.

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