Guide to Planning Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns that Sells

SMS Marketing

If you want to drive more engagement, resort to affordable bulk sms services. Know the benefits, significance, and features of sms marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing is a trusted medium of engagement that consumers prefer due to its speed and convenience. With the maximum open rate of 98%, bulk SMS service is reaching the zenith in terms of profitability and success rate.

Bulk SMS services in India and abroad are attracting the likes of top brands and businesses as the medium is direct, personal, and increases sales through two-way communication channels. On the surface, SMS marketing seems like a simple strategy, but one has to know it in depth to make full use of it.

How Can You Leverage SMS Marketing Campaigns to Amplify Your Business?

Promotional Deals:-

For example, you have a clothing line and just launched a new product. You will definitely want people to know about the product. So, until you promote it, people will be oblivious. You can create a sense of urgency among your customers through SMS. Give them a discount or a free gift with your product, provided they purchase it in a stipulated period of time. Your promotional SMS should have the relevant terms and conditions and once you try this, you will realize how effective it is.

Loyalty Programmes:-

Make your customers feel valued and special by signing them up for a loyalty program. It builds a sense of understanding between the customers and the business. So for a customer who has been associated with your brand on a recurring basis, a little pampering can do good to your business. A good loyalty program should encourage your client to take the right actions. It can be very effective, attracting more customers and consequently retaining them in the long run.

Alerts and Notification:-

The best way to reach your customers is through SMS alerts and notifications. You can send SMS alerts for :

  • Breaking news
  • Emergency situation alerts
  • Also, event alerts
  • Also, the arrival of new stocks or products

Make sure your sms should have 3 parts- one that sends the notification and alert, one part value, and one part action. To stick to the 160 character limit, use a URL shortener of your website or landing page.

Requisite for A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign:-

  • Have a thorough knowledge of your target audience. There will be various needs and if you want to cater to them, you need to diversify your strategy.
  • Also, understand your goals, review your marketing plans, and improvise your campaigns such that it takes your clients’ business goals into account.
  • Prioritize your call-to-actions Sometimes SMS campaigns fail, due to a lack of clarity in it.

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