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Facts About WhatsApp Business That Every Marketer Should Know

bulk whatsapp marketing in india

Features like economical, reliability, and ease of use, make bulk WhatsApp marketing in Ranchi, a key practice to generate leads for your business. 

WhatsApp the giant mobile messaging app is much more than just an alternative to traditional messaging. Apart from sending just text messages, it allows its users to place a call, send images, videos, documents, and a lot more. There are 2 billion users around the globe who rely on this platform for communication. According to WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata, the high number of WhatsApp users means great ad and reach potential. 

With Whatsapp’s audience growing every day, businesses are using this platform via digital marketing to create more value for customers. In just one year after WhatsApp launched its B2B initiative, WhatsApp Business, it clocked up more than 5 million business users. 

How Marketers Can Use WhatsApp Business To Their Advantages?

  • Boost In Response Rates: According to one of the leading franchisers of mobile phones, they could close more deals with Whatsapp Business. This further emphasizes that customers and clients trust this messaging platform more than any other. The ease of use the channel provides is unparalleled. Moreover, there is no fixed time that customers need to attend to, anyone can initiate a conversation at any time. Thus, you can perk up user response with double the speed. 
  • The Decrease In Turnover Time: With the introduction of Whatsapp business features, the time to process things gets reduced. This makes the platform a favorite among investors and emerging entrepreneurs. Given that they are trying out various means to add value to their emerging business, Whatsapp Business is scalable. This means it can support your business needs even more in the future as your business grows. 
  • Experience A Superior Connection: With the backing of a credible communication platform, customers are assured that you are not an imposter. Thus it helps in increasing your clients’ trust. Furthermore, it being a multimedia platform helps in the sharing of documents, images, videos, and many more. The brand too can engage in customized conversations.  Thus the more link-building is, the more widespread will be the reach of your business. 

Thus implementing WhatsApp marketing strategies, can improve your profit and performance simultaneously. 

  • Promotion through WhatsApp is a great way to make potential consumers aware of your presence. 
  • Local businesses and marketers can ask their customers for feedback and reviews. 
  • Sending texts, audio, videos through WhatsApp is free of cost. Hence no extra charge for promotions, unlike print media. 

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WhatsApp’s Money Making Policy: All You Need To Know

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Do you know how WhatsApp earns their money? If you don’t, our WhatsApp marketing team in Kolkata has just the right information to share with you.

Do you know, WhatsApp has more active users than LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. They have easily managed to reach every corner of the world. Two former Yahoo employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum introduced WhatsApp. Koum visualized the potential of this messaging app taking the world by storm. WhatsApp marketing through texts, audio, videos, and images are playing a huge role in attracting potential customers. Economical, reliable, and easy to use, make WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata a key practice to generate leads.

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How To Reach Your Clients Inexpensively Using Bulk Sms Marketing?

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Bulk sms and whatsapp marketing in India are successful methods to reach your clients in an affordable way. Thus, you get the opportunity to promote your services & products. 

SMS marketing, a flourishing marketing technique is gaining success in the communication world due to its fast result on the Indian audience. The quick appearance of high-end smartphones and mobile techniques has been acting as a catalyst in raising the curiosity among the common man to gain real-time information.  Accordingly, the immense popularity of the Facebook-owned messaging Application is taking the world by storm. Yes, we are talking about Whatsapp, which provides service to more than 1 Billion users all over the world. Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in India involves integrating marketing techniques by connecting with audiences through mobile devices. 

The extensive reach and increasing popularity of Whatsapp is nothing new. With an active user base of more than 1.5 billion, the growth of this messaging app is not going to stop any time soon. The current generation wants fast service. Using emails and phone calls has therefore taken a backseat as both these channels are time-consuming. Hence, brands and businesses are resorting to Whatsapp. 

5 Advantages Of Using Whatsapp Marketing Strategy:

  1. Access any whatsapp number globally
  2. You can send sound video files and pictures through whatsapp
  3. Get whatsapp replies
  4. Digitized marketing
  5. Affordable
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How Can Businesses Fight Covid-19 Blues With Whatsapp Marketing?

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Learn how bulk sms marketing & whatsapp marketing are keeping business function during the Covid-19 crisis. Some benefits you should know. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been impacting both health business adversely. The rising recession, loss of jobs, declining salary, lessened revenue have taken a toll on the world’s economy. Hence, every brand needs to think about how to keep their business afloat during such situations.

While government officials are finding ways to come out of such a catastrophe, the current situation looks grim for businesses that are still not operating digitally. In a situation of rising uncertainty, marketers and SMS service providers are emphasizing the use of digital tools to not let go of the business. 

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Benefits and Difficulties of the Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services

Whatsapp marketing services

Many SMS provider service companies deliver bulk Whatsapp marketing in Kolkata that helps to reach the highest number of audiences. Continue to read.

Whatsapp is currently one of the most used and important chatting apps.  Whatsapp marketing is a kind of marketing tactic that is used through Whatsapp for promoting products or brands. Presently most people use Whatsapp as their mode of communication because of its numerous facilities. So many digital marketing companies provide Whatsapp marketing services at a very affordable cost to expand their business in the large market. 

SMS Marketing is also one of the most important marketing tactics that most companies use to connect with their customers. But it’s also true that people tend to open their Whatsapp messages faster than SMS messages. So the digital marketing companies also add bulk Whatsapp marketing in India as their new marketing tool. Whatsapp marketing in India is famous because of its highest reach to attract audiences.

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