How the Brands are Winning Customers With the Bulk SMS Marketing

 bulk sms service


In this competitive age, marketers are adopting more strategic ways to convey their brand story to their potential customers. The bulk SMS feature is one such effective tool which helps the companies to target a wider base of an audience in a comparatively lesser time period. It enables companies to promote their business in a single click and send thousands of messages at a single time. It has, therefore, brought a sea of change in the entrepreneurial world.

The simple fact that hundreds of brands are choosing to incorporate this feature from the bulk SMS service in Kolkata is a pretty good indicator of its success. The SMS service is simple as well as creative, very affordable and have an extraordinarily high response rate. Studies have shown that customers take 90 seconds to respond to text messages while almost 90 minutes to respond to an email. It has a very positive impact on brand awareness. Moreover, consumers prefer text message in their mobile phones than any other mode because it is less time consuming.

The bulk SMS service is low investment, high returns strategy where a simple and captivating message can scale up the business and immediately bring more sales. They are highly flexible, easily adapting to the fluidity of the business world. Flexibility and adaptability is the key to react to the ever-changing market situation. With almost a zero virtual lead time, you can conceive campaigns and deliver them to the audiences within minutes. This way, companies can drive footfall, clear their old stock and arrange for new deliveries instantaneously.

Another major benefit that you can gain after using the bulk SMS service is the ability to personalize the messages. This is done considering the customer behaviour and their demographics. All this is done in extra cost incurred.

Some of the intelligent strategies used by the brands in attracting more potential customers using bulk SMS marketing are as follows-

1. Generating traffic on websites :

While creating SMS’s for the customers, the companies can incorporate links to the website that encourages the receiver to visit their website. It is expected that consumers will click on the links and subsequently explore their website. As a result, more positive outcomes will be generated.

2. Gaining from off-screen experiences :

The SMS market, being a cheaper and technologically simple alternative than online apps, it remains innovative and very personal. This channel of communication is thus very helpful for businesses to expand.

3. Gaining customer feedback :

One of the most favoured mediums to garner endless customer evaluation, it has carved a successful place for itself in the global market. The companies are using strategies such as conducting polls and surveys or even campaigns to receive more potential results. This way, the company is able to work on their own loopholes and enhance its reputation.

4. SMS polling :

Encouraging customers to participate in giving the companies valuable feedback is very helpful. This way, you can yield more results and open a bridge for two-way communication. You can try using the short code which is faster as will effective. The medium of SMS polling also enables marketers to adapt to the needs of the customers. You can use the polling internally to evaluate the skill of their employees while at the same type pinpoint their weaknesses. The employees also feel protected while giving answers honestly.

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