Here are Some FAQs Regarding Promotional SMS Service

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In this age of digitisation, marketing plays a crucial role for the companies to reach their targeted audiences. SMS marketing is a cutting edge technology and also very cost effective. In this cutthroat competitive edge, a plethora of companies from all walks of life are utilizing the Bulk SMS Marketing feature to promote their products and services. Considering the significant benefits of this marketing tool, it is worth an investment to get committed to.

Let us now consider some frequently asked questions regarding the promotional SMS in Kolkata

1. What is the promotional SMS service?

SMS marketing is the technique of sending permission based promotional messages. This is mostly used to communicate time-sensitive updates, offers and alerts to people who have consented to receive them from the businesses.
Under SMS marketing, there are two categories-

• The transactional SMS
• The promotional SMS

The transactional SMS are those messages which are sent to the customers to pass some important information related to the products or services. This is used to send messages for the purposes of a business, payment reminders, stock updates, bank alerts, ticket booking updates among many others.

The promotional SMS is used to sent messages by the brands and companies to their prospective customers about certain promotions, offers and discounts.

2. How does the promotional SMS work?

In order to receive a promotional SMS, as a customer, you have to opt in an automated system by texting an initial shortcode. For example, you can type “CONTEST” and send it to 12345 to get the exclusive chance of winning attractive gifts. Here the word “CONTEST” typed is a message and 12345 is the short code associated with the business for sending the message. The sending of the message means that the customers have agreed to the terms and conditions of that particular business to send them many more promotional messages. The phone number of the customer is stored by the SMS marketing software. Before sending promotional texts, a confirmation response is sent as a receipt to the customer for opting in. The companies also provide for an opt-out code to allow future unsubscribing.

3. What are the advantages of using the promotional SMS feature?

They have sensational opening rate- Studies say that the average opening rate for text messages is 98% while emails have 24.79% of the opening. You usually receive so many messages and become swamped with emails, that you totally ignore them. SMS is a more personal platform. The smartphones also provide a preview of the SMS in the form of the snippet which can be opened anytime soon.

Increases customer engagement level- This is the biggest advantage of using this feature, something which cannot be achieved by any other medium. They are timely and relevant, using impressive, precise and strategic SMSing allows for a better relationship with all customers.

Keeping in touch with a wider base of an audience- The organizations usually get a list of contacts which they can utilize fully for the mode of promotion. Promotional SMS is thus very effective to connect to the bulk population about special offers, product launches, discounts, coupons etc.

Reliability- This feature is cost-effective, fast and also have assured deliverability. This is why they stand out with the maximum viewing rates.

4. How to utilize the promotional SMS for marketing?

You have to follow some of these rules to gain the maximum results-

• You have to make sure that you have opted all the numbers in the contact. This direct line of communication is useful only when you receive permission from your contacts to send them messages.
• You should be very mindful of the timing of the messages. People usually open text messages instantly. You cannot abuse the power given to you by disturbing your customers by sending them messages in the wrong hour.
• You should never forget to include the name of the company in the messages. You have to let the contacts know who is sending the message to them.

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