Explore the Paybacks of Reliable and Hassle Free SMS Services

There are ample companies which provide excellent voice SMS service in Kolkata at affordable charges. Not only this, those particular companies also serve with many other packages and schemes to connect to large number of people in few seconds.

An SMS paves the way for superfast communication. With the help of SMS, it has become possible to reach out to innumerable persons at a time in just a couple of seconds. Due to the high demand and extraordinary advantages, the companies or providers are getting the maximum profits. The service providers are always available to support and provide the services in any location of the city. The different types of SMSs are bulk SMS, long and short code SMS, promotional and transactional SMS, toll-free messages, missed call alerts, voice messages, links or url, sending images and videos, etc.

 What is Voice Message and how does it affect A Business?

A voice SMS is a message which is recorded and sent to the concerned person. This type of message can also be sent in bulks. Bulk Voice SMS are pre-recorded voice messages mobile numbers or landline networks across the nation. Bulk voice SMS are the automated calls which dials many contact numbers at a single time by using web based service and then playing the recording to transfer or send it to those numbers. This gives the maximum exposure to the public and is profitable for businesses.

The Voice SMS Service in Kolkata provides the solutions which helps to reach lakhs of people with customised messages and get different responses. In this service, there is no need of manpower to talk with the recipient of the automated call. The recipient just has to listen to the recorded message.

Some of the Traits of Voice SMS are as Follows:-

  1. Updates can be sent to the staff members, associates, clients, and customers.
  2. Helps in promoting for election campaigns.
  3. Give reminders like insurance premium, EMI, health care etc.
  4. All the uploaded numbers are sent and the messages are played with the help of this system.

Explore the Reimbursements of Missed Call Alerts:-

Missed Call service is an entirely automated web supported application that makes it possible to get the real time notifications or alerts of all calls that are missed by any chance or reason on the dedicated number.

Missed call service is a service for which one does not have to pay even a single penny but still, this service helps to send an automatic alert message to the concerned recipient even when the mobile is either switched off or is out of reach. It becomes easy for the receiver to guess or know who was trying to reach or contact at that point of time when the phone was out of the coverage area. The Missed Call Service in Kolkata opens up an incredible SMS service tool for carrying out many schemes for notifying the customers about the missed calls. These services are only benefitted by the subscribers.

Some of the Features of the Missed Call are:-

  • The privacy protection.
  • Control on DNS.
  • Real time monitoring.
  • Easy transfer of domain.
  • Unlimited number of sub-domains.
  • Excellent technical support.

All the SMS plans along with the types, validities, and charges are structured in a chart form. One can avail any of these as per the constraints.