How Whatsapp Business API Can Boost Your Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Whatsapp business

Know how businesses are benefiting from WhatsApp marketing in India. Gather more information and stay updated with the WhatsApp business sandbox.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing in India through texts, audio, videos, and images is playing a huge role in attracting potential customers for most businesses. The current edition of Whatsapp business allows customers to stay in touch with their partners, clients, and even know about their competitors.

What is Whatsapp Business Sandbox?

With the introduction of the Whatsapp business app, businesses and marketers can no longer contain their excitement. The popular messaging app itself is a great hit and now with WhatsApp business, professional boundaries will melt.

WhatsApp Business API is a tool for allowing large businesses to use the chat app to interact with their customers. However, this feature is available to a few selected brands and software. What you need is approval from the Whatsapp team for using its business app API.

But while waiting for permission, you can prepare yourself for the new platform. Whatsapp sandbox allows you to start building and prototyping with WhatsApp immediately. Thus, you get a prior experience of how to work in the new platform with most of the functionality.

How does Whatsapp Sandbox Work?

  • You can integrate a sandbox to initiate messages for your own Whatsapp business.
  • Initially, you need to add three test phone numbers to your account and then use these numbers accordingly. Sandbox helps in replicating a customer two-way conversation through WhatsApp API.
  • Also, you can choose a WhatsApp message template among the available three options: Customer Support, User Verification (2FA), Order Notifications.
  • Write your response from your mobile device to the previously set sandbox numbers. In this set time frame, you can chat freely with yourself, to and from the sandbox numbers. There is no restriction on the number of replies, it will automatically update.
  • Also, once you are successful in setting your account and the test phone numbers, you can now start building, testing, and developing your applications.

Benefits of Using Whatsapp Business API:-

More than 70% of customers say that SMS marketing is effective for businesses in driving their attention. Similarly, bulk WhatsApp marketing has been beneficial in hiking a brand’s ROI. It is powerful, interactive, convenient, and most importantly free. Customers have a special preference due to its effective applicability.

Why Business News Whatsapp Marketing Campaign Strategy?

There is no need for businesses to introduce a new platform to customers as WhatsApp is already a popular communication medium. 55% of respondents clarified that they prefer shopping with brands with whom they can directly message. Whatsapp Marketing campaigns ensure a greater engagement rate since the open rate of WhatsApp messages is nearly 90%.

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