How to Promote Whatsapp as A Customer Support Channel?


Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in India is scaling heights as Whatsapp is still the popular messaging app. Here is how you can use it.

WhatsApp Marketing in India is gaining prominence as it is successful in attracting potential customers through texts, audio, videos, and images. With the advent of Whatsapp Business, the life of a customer care agent will become more streamlined and easier. The main advantage is it will decrease their workload and garner a richer customer experience.

Why Is Customer Support through Whatsapp Important?

The extensive reach and increasing popularity of Whatsapp is nothing new. With an active user base of more than 1.5 billion, the growth of this messaging app is not going to stop any time sooner. The current generation wants fast service. Using emails and phone calls has therefore taken a backseat as both these channels are time-consuming. Hence, brands and businesses are resorting to Whatsapp. This relieves your customer from hovering over your website, instead, they can contact you in the app.

So, How Can It Be A Useful Customer Support Channel?

  • It lets you answer incoming chats even when your client is typing a message.
  • Using quick replies to answer your customers’ queries increases their trust in you.

However, you need to effectively use the Whatsapp Marketing channel to let your customers know your presence. , Here is a guide to help you :

  • Add the Whatsapp chat option on your website chat. By scanning the QR code enlisted on your site with the help of mobile phones, your client can directly start a chat with your customer service agent.
  • Since communication these days is not restricted to a single device, therefore you need to provide your customers with a seamless experience. Keeping WhatsApp web options live on your site will make it easy for your clients to interact through desktop too.
  • For getting more customer attraction you can print your QR code on your product page or on brochures, pamphlets, and leaflets.

What Whatsapp Marketing Can Do for Your Customer Support Team?

  • From small, medium businesses to large enterprises, it is business API can provide end-to-end customer support by answering and engaging with customers for:-
  1. Billing support
  2. Scheduling appointments
  3. Customer onboarding activities
  4. Shipping and returns
  5. Product queries
  6. Technical issues
  • Brands can also deploy chatbots on their business for automatically answering customer needs. This is not a step to replace human activity but will give them the much-needed impetus to guarantee a more profound experience.

So, if you want a proactive service that will lower pressure on customer care, it is the best channel you need to opt for.

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