Leverage SMS Marketing And Grow Your E-Commerce Business

sms marketing

Ecommerce businesses are always in search of ways to increase sales. Read this blog and know how bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata is a good fit for doing the same. 

Often overlooked, bulk promotional SMS in Kolkata is an effective way for boosting sales in Ecommerce. Moreover, it is a good way for reaching out to your target customers instantly. There is no question about its potential to drive massive traffic to your website. 

Ways To Use SMS Marketing For The Growth Of Your Business 

  1. Bulk SMS Marketing 

When it comes to reaching out to tons of customers at once, Bulk SMS marketing is an ideal way. This kind of marketing lets you send mass text messages to your customers. You can also optimize bulk SMS campaign to increase brand awareness. 

  1. Promotional SMS Marketing

Promotional messages usually include special coupons, offers or reminders about upcoming events. It is ideal when you want to maximize traffic to your website as well as for increasing sales. 

  1. Transactional SMS Marketing

Transactional messages are usually for the post-purchase part. This form of marketing lets you send transactional messages such as shipping confirmations and receipts to users. It further, increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

  1. Event SMS Marketing

Event SMS marketing is a great way for getting your consumers to attend a special event. Meanwhile, it includes a set of images and texts that alerts your customers about events in that particular area. 

Effective Tips To Make SMS Campaign Work For You 

  • Identify your goals 

While drafting a well-planned SMS campaign strategy, make sure to define your goals. Do you aim to increase sales, enhance consumer loyalty or drive traffic? 

  • Categorize your audience 

With SMS marketing, you can segment your target audience by age, gender, interests or location. 

  • Generate a catchy headline 

Make a short as well as a direct headline. It must be able to grab the attention of your audience and inform them about your products. 

  • Keep your texts short and informative

It is necessary for you to optimize that 160-characters limit. Hence, always keep your messages short and clearly informative.

  • Optimize automation tools 

Additionally, automation tools can assist you in sending SMS messages automatically to the customers. Not only does it saves a lot of time but also ensures that messages reach directly to your users. 

  • Track the outcomes 

Finally, it is significant to track the outcomes of your SMS campaigns. This lets you measure your personal progress. 


With these tips in mind, you will surely be able to grow your Ecommerce business. For more wonderful tips, get in touch with the best bulk SMS service provider in Kolkata, Web2SMS. At affordable rates, they provide exceptional promotional SMS service in Kolkata.