The Reasons Why Transactional SMS Messages Are So Famous

At present, industries engage in new approaches to connect with customers. And transactional SMS messages in Kolkata are surely one of them. Know why they are so popular. 

SMS marketing has been becoming more popular owing to its multiple benefits. All size brands leverage SMS messages in order to promote their products and services. When an SMS service provider sends bulk messages directly to your consumers, your business gets more recognition. 

Ways To Use Transactional Messages 

  1. Real-time messaging

Sometimes, clients miss an email and phone call. As a matter of fact, emails have very low opening rates. On the other hand, text SMS has a 98 per cent of opening as well as conversion rate. Real-time alerts can deliver crucial information to the customers immediately. With this message service, you can easily improve customer satisfaction and give them reasons to come back to your brand.

  1. Order confirmations

Secondly, the order confirmation message reassures the buyer about their purchases. It also offers the best way for expanding a good relationship with your clients. When it comes to serving significant purposes related to shipping and delivery, transactional messages are ideal. Moreover, this message is a reminder that your order has been shipped properly which reduces the headache of buyers. Finally, it supports the reliability of your business. 

  1. Account Verification 

When your consumer registers on the website, you ought to send a verification code to them. Further, there is a necessity of confirming the account by entering a one-time password on their mobile device. Meanwhile, the use of SMS allows an account verification feature to improve customer security. Confirming identity with the help of messages is not only a convenient method but also cost-efficient. 

Perks Of Leveraging Transactional Messages Into Your Brand 

  • Offers quick communication

Transactional messages are mostly time-sensitive which is why businesses prefer them. Such notifications mostly include one-time passwords, debit card expenses and login details. Furthermore, transactional messages are perfect when you want to avail of the service for accessibility. 

  • The ability of bulk messaging 

You can send transactional messages to more than a single recipient. Moreover, you can optimize the best Bulk SMS service to send messages to tons of users. The industry launches transactional text messages that further alter the customer of charge. 

  • 24/7 Support 

Finally, transactional messages are available all around the clock. Hence, no matter what the time is, customers can always order a product and initiate transactions. The text message is delivered to their phone instantly. 


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