Laying A Brief Comparison Between SMS And WhatsApp Marketing

SMS And WhatsApp Marketing

SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata are two famous text-based communication strategies. Read this blog to know more about their comparison. 

When it comes to marketing your products and services, the Bulk WhatsApp marketing company in Kolkata is your ultimate aid. However, both Whatsapp and SMS marketing is great for boosting sales and growing your business. If you are confused about which one to choose, here is a brief guide. 

What Is Whatsapp Marketing Vs SMS Marketing?

  • In comparison to SMS marketing, Whatsapp marketing is quite new. This concept came after the invention of Whatsapp messenger in 2009. However, the official Business app was launched in 2018. Despite its short existence, Whatsapp has always been an ideal choice for both businesses and customers. 
  • At present, thousands of consumers use it and it is becoming the default go-to option for several brands. The Whatsapp company reported about 50 million monthly active users in July 2020. So, within two years of launch, users began utilizing it as a free Business app. 
  • SMS is the abbreviation for Short Message Service. Basically, it is a form of text messaging utilized by worldwide consumers. Its invention dates back to 1980. But it did not take back until the 1990s. At first, consumers only used to chat and communicate with one other using the SMS application.
  • But today, it has become a medium for advertising products and services. Ever since then, brands continue to optimize SMS marketing to promote themselves and keep in touch with consumers. Unlike other marketing forms, SMS marketing exclusively takes place on mobile devices. 

Benefits Of SMS Marketing And Whatsapp Marketing 

The benefits of SMS marketing are:

  1. Using cellular networks- SMS Marketing usually functions on cellular networks contradictorily to internet connections and data packs. 
  2. No need for smartphones- Since the SMS application can work on any mobile device, there is no specific need for smartphones. 
  3. There is no need for extra applications- You only need the SMS app. 

Meanwhile, Whatsapp marketing provides the following advantages:

  1. Multimedia messaging option- Users can easily integrate emojis into their texts. 
  2. A host of rich features- Whatsapp Marketing comes with tons of rich features like voice calls and video calls. 
  3. Encrypted texts- Encryption is one of the most significant selling points of Whatsapp. 
  4. Easy and quick to set Up- There is no other app which is as easy and rapid as installing Whatsapp. Further, setting up businesses is also extremely convenient. 


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