Facts to Consider Before Using the Missed Call Alert Service

Missed Call Service in Kolkata

The success of any business depends on the extent of having a hassle-free and effective means of communication. The missed call alert service serves this purpose to the fullest. It is a web-based application, used widely by every small to big company to handle their ways of business. Being one of the easiest platforms and the shortest route to convey a message, one can also maintain a secure and real-time database by the help of this cloud-based tool.

Here are some of the most important FAQs regarding this feature which can provide people with the required knowledge.

1. What is the missed call service?

This process is very favourable for all types of businesses. This is one of the easiest ways to give all business related updates to the people. The companies send missed calls to a virtual phone number which is then followed by an SMS alert along with all relevant information.

2. How does the process work?

At first, you have to connect to the provider from which one is availing the missed call service in Kolkata. Then you have to select the 10 digit number which is the brand number. Consequently, you willl now able to use this number for promotional purposes. In this number, all your potential customers will give you back a missed call. This upcoming phone number will get added to the database automatically. This will then function as a real-time interface. Now, an auto-generated message will be delivered on that mobile number of the user where they will be welcomed as per the preference of the company. This is when you can utilize the database of the users to generate more and more leads.

3. What is the different utilization of this feature?

The missed call service is used depending on the different purposes of the company. Here are some of its utilization-

In the Call Back Service, after the user’s call gets disconnected after one ring, one will get a real-time update of the call received on their dashboard. Now, the number of the caller will get automatically saved in the database. You can now revert back to your customer and help them resolve all the queries related to the service which you are providing. You can also assure all your customers that the customer service department will be there to help all the time.

A missed call is the best service to verify the mobile number of the user. You can do it easily by sending them a 10 digit business number and instructing them to verify their own number.

Missed call service is one of the most efficient mediums to conduct some kind of polling or voting. This is mostly useful in the showbiz industry like reality tv shows which entertain their audience through voting via the missed call alert facility. Nowadays, political parties are using it as a means to conduct their election campaigning. One can also do polling campaigns to know how many people actually support them. The supporters have to give a missed call to the concerned candidate.

Customer feedback can be gathered using the missed call alert facility. This way the companies can know what the customers expect from them by reading their reviews.

This service is an easy platform to create engagement with your customers and generate leads. The missed call alert service is user-friendly since one does not have to pay for the calls. One can clear all their doubts without any hassle. For any businessman, it is easy to start conversations with customers in a way that the call gets transformed into a lead.

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