Some of the Best Practices to Follow with SMS Marketing Campaign

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In this age of technology and digitisation, you cannot overlook the power of mobile phones. Consumers are living their day to day lives depending on cellphones in their hands. While people might not have to speak to you for hours regarding your business, they will surely want to communicate in the quickest way possible. This is where the benefits of SMS marketing helps manifold.

However, with the rising competition among the brands, it is very important that your business stands out through the means of SMS communication. You have to make sure that the messages reach the targeted audience.

Trying affordable bulk SMS is one of the most significantly easy ways to gain productive output. Here are some tips that marketers can follow while working on their performance enhancement through the use of SMS marketing campaigns.

1. Focusing on the Content :

Designing constructive and relevant content which you can send to your potential customers is a tough endeavour. The whole body needs to be in sync with the core part of the message which the brand is wanting to convey. Any form of ambiguous information will irk the audience to the extent that they will lose interest in the brand. You can also try sending information about offers and discounts, promotional events, sales etc to impress the clients.

2. Respecting Privacy :

You should always keep in mind to schedule the SMS according to the preferences of the audience. Try to avoid sending messages early in the morning or late at night. It can cause extreme displeasure to the customers since their privacy is breached. Following this rule of thumb- always remember that you cannot send messages before 9 AM or after 8 PM.

3. Choosing the Right Moment :

When it comes to rolling out bulk SMS campaigns or notifications, time is the actual essence. If an extremely engaging notification hits the mobile phone of the customer during the time of a promotional offer, the strategy will work wonders. Also, try to send the messages on a frequent basis or it is possible that the customers forget about the brand.

4. Keeping the Message Short :

try to avoid sending cluttered messages. This will eventually lead to ambiguity as well as a lack of interest and action from the customers part. There is no need to fill up spaces using unnecessary words. Seize the attention of the customer by keeping it short, smart and precise.

Also, it is heavily suggested to avoid using abbreviations as it looks very unprofessional.

5. Making use of links :

Using embedded links in text messages help spread the name of the business more efficiently. You should never lose an opportunity to market the company website. This can be done through the use of transactional SMS in Kolkata. The use of embedded links gives the impression of the message being more interactive. The customers can also check out the products, offers and services immediately by clicking on the given link.

Mentioning social media profiles is also useful. It strengthens the position of the brand as well encourages the customers to give more likes, comments and subscriptions.


There are some other factors which you should keep in mind :

A clear Call to Action– Communicating the objective of the company clearly to the customers is essential. Implement capitalized keywords and short codes to encourage customer engagement.

Incentive– Discounted offers, unique specials, exclusive privileges are a great way.

Being Consistent and Immediate- SMS gets delivered instantly, the companies should leverage this for the good of the campaigning. Try connecting to the customers on a weekly basis.

Measure and Integrate– Integrate SMS marketing into media advertising platforms like radio, TV, print, social media. You should reassess the campaigning strategies for better content and with better goals in mind.

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