Some frequently asked questions regarding Whatsapp marketing in India


When you talk about digital and social media marketing, other people mostly think about traditional networks like Twitter and Facebook. However, it is greatly surprising that messaging apps are catching up at a faster pace. With the rising number of active messaging app users, this particular medium has dedicatedly contributed to the soaring growth of businesses. Currently, it is estimated that there are 200 million diligent Whatsapp users in India. With such a wide application base, companies are now using this feature to conduct their operations via digital marketing medium. It is true, that some marketers may be still hesitant to dabble with this feature because of zero buying potential for the third party advertising and strictly maintained a privacy policy. However, you cannot totally deny the benefits which can be reaped from it.

Let us now go through some frequently asked questions about the Whatsapp marketing in India

1. What is Whatsapp Marketing?

When the feature of Whatsapp is used by the companies for their work pursuits and occupational activities, it becomes a part of Whatsapp marketing. Through this, the companies send promotional messages and information in the field of insurance, real estate, loans, education etc, to name a few. It is widely favoured because of its capability for customer engagement, its interactive interface and easy accessibility.

2. What are the beneficial features of this messaging application?

The feature of Whatsapp can now be downloaded on almost every mobile phone. It is free, available in as many as 53 languages and currently used in 109 countries. You can contact your potential people (customers) through the contact list on your phone. Almost 90% of messages are opened and read within a few seconds of receiving it. Thereby, it ensures maximum customer engagement. Studies say that majority of people prefer to communicate or chat with others through Whatsapp, especially about business matters. You can create Whatsapp groups to communicate your information faster to the audience. Whatsapp allows you to add 256 members in one group, thereby making it a big opportunity for all. It is also good for organizing social events.

3. What are the advantages of Whatsapp marketing in Kolkata?

There are several striking advantages of implementing the Whatsapp feature in your business strategy-

• Allows strong engagement with customers

Advertising is one of the biggest advantages of this app. It allows the most effective forms of customer engagement. This is very crucial for every business. When crisp messages are used, direct communication is allowed between the audience and the representatives of the business. A lot of customer queries can be answered within a very short time period. This also encourages customers to engage in conversations. More business leads can be generated through this.

Marketing surveys can be done

You, as a business representative, can carry out very efficient market surveys which will enable you to get feedback about your company. This way, you can take care of the loopholes or go through the other drawbacks of the company. By collecting the results from the marketing surveys, the companies can also change/streamline their marketing strategies of the better.

• Team building

Discussions are made easier through Whatsapp. When you are working on new project updates, conference timings or some other new tasks, once you contact through Whatsapp, a lot of time is saved. A very good platform for conversation, it further encourages strong team-building qualities so that ideas can be shared more often and thoughts can be exchanged. As a result, the outcome becomes

• The cross-platform advantage

Marketing is all about this, reaching with more and more number of people every day. The cross-platform speciality of this application is unlike what is provided by other social media apps. You can find Whatsapp traffic analytics from many third-party resources. This analytics gives you informative insight into the network that is popular within the circle of the target audience. As a result, you can also adjust your social media strategies among the target customers.

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