Top 6 Types Of Transactional SMS You Need To Send Right Away!

Keep Subscribers Up-to-Date With Transactional Messages

Messages that are sent to subscribers in response to action are known as transactional SMS in Kolkata. Here are 6 types of those messages which you can use. 

It is due to transactional messages that sending confirmation messages to clients becomes possible. Moreover, it can share other information regarding a particular order. Transactional messages are a significant part of the consumer experience because they keep informing customers. Let’s see what the best SMS service provider in the city has to say about them. 

6 Popular Types Of Transactional Messages 

  • For confirming orders 

You must have already understood it, but let us give you an insight. This particular type of message includes the order number as well as a link to track it. Confirmed order texts set the tone for the rest of the process. Moreover, it lets the customers know when they can expect a timely update.

  • Shipped orders

Secondly, these orders let your customers know about the shipment of their orders. Here, they can track them and see the expected date of delivery. Generally, this message includes the order number as well as the order status link. 

  • Out-for-delivery orders 

Every subscriber waits for this moment eagerly. Trigger your SMS to send depending on the delivery status of your consumer’s order. Let them know when their product is out for delivery. After this goes the order delivered message. 

  • Cancelling orders 

While it’s not good news for your brand, you may still need to plan an SMS for it. It happens often that customers cancel their order or a part of the shipment. Sending a text message confirmation reduces the number of inbound inquiries. As a result, your customer has the latest data about their order. 

  • Refund success

This is the stage when you let your customers know that they have successfully received their refund. You are ensuring to update them as quickly as possible by sending this particular text. Make sure to include the order number, refund amount as well as a link to see the order status. 

  • Start a subscription 

Does your brand offer subscription-based products? Then, consider using a transactional text message to update consumers on their subscription status. These kinds of messages usually include messages like subscription starts, the subscription ends, etc. 

So, these were the most popular and useful types of transactional messages. Incorporate them into your practice to ensure a smoother workflow and great results. 


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