How Transactional SMS Works? Let’s Explore It

How Transactional SMS Works Let’s Explore ItThe service provider of Transactional SMS in Kolkata helps in connecting a brand or a company to its customers in the easiest way and in the shortest time span.

What is transactional SMS? It is known that transactional SMS is a type of bulk SMS but how can it be defined? Transactional SMS is actually used to send completely transaction related or information related messages in the country related to the business like the updates of the brand, about the current products and services of the brand, other information to the members, payment reminders, any bank alerts, information to the parents of students from schools or universities, the stock updates, hire or rented vehicle intimation, online or offline ticket booking updates, membership management information, messages from e-commerce websites related to online shopping, and offers to the opt-in customers. The top service provider of Transactional SMS in Kolkata should be reached out to avail the service to reach the maximum number of audiences in the shortest time.

How Transactional SMS Works In Kolkata or In the Whole Country?

It is clearly understood that all bulk SMS contents can be approved from before as the template set up with single or multiple variable. If the SMS content is configured with variable and offering the membership proof then one can avail the transactional SMS gateway from the service provider. All the SMS contents will be approved in advance and will be stored as the template with the required variables. One can only send the message with that template.

Procedure to Avail and Use the SMS Gateway:-

  • Select the suitable transactional SMS package from the service provider and process the payment.
  • Sign up for connecting with the SMS service provider via online mode as well.
  • The support management will collect the information in details to understand the business and its products and services.
  • The payment details will be verified and then the transactional SMS service will be activated and will start.
  • The client or the businessperson will be assigned with sender ID with SMS templates approved from beforehand with variables.
  • Once the details and information are received, it can be replaced with variables and begin to send transactional messages to the customers.

One can the alter the templates uncountable times as needed but all the transactional SMS templates will need to the approved from beforehand or else even if slight changes are made in the template, the message will not be delivered to the audiences. If one does not want to directly avail the service from the service provider, the service can be also availed from a trusted Bulk SMS Reseller Service Provider.