Use Bulk Voice Call Service To Increase Your Brand’s Customer Reach

bulk voice call service in kolkata

Bulk voice call service in India is one of the leading marketing tools for client communication and better promotion of products and services. Here are some of its benefits.

Bulk Voice Call is a technology used to convey messages within a very short period of time over the phone. Bulk voice call service involves pre-recorded messages sent to millions of call recipients to gain incredible outcomes. With the help of the best voice call service, brands and businesses can send these mass messages to customers nationally as well as internationally. Hence, it is a powerful way to increase the audience base and get in touch with them and establish a strong bond. 

Highlights Of Low-Cost Bulk Voice Call Service:-

  • You have the liberty to record your message in a language of your choice. 
  • It is user-friendly and has an easy control panel
  • It is an automated process, so you need not appoint any dialers.
  • You can optimize it according to your requirements like setting schedule time for calls
  • Some flat prices for both mobile and landline numbers

How Can Bulk Voice Service Boost Your Business?

  • Getting started with a voice messaging service is easy. It requires registration of your bulk sms account. Few simple steps with no hidden costs, no subscription fee, can save both your much valuable time and money. Real-time delivery of messages, ensure quick call-to-action. It also helps in increasing the response rate and contributes to customer retention. 
  • By using a low-cost bulk sms service in Kolkata you can list down the numbers to which you want to call and record your message in your own voice. Furthermore, you can upload a clip or a text in your preferred language which can be automatically converted to speech. 
  • An enormous team assigned to a particular task can tamper with the authenticity and consistency in sending the right messages. This in turn can disrupt the transparency within the process. But with voice recorded messages it is easy to avoid inconsistencies. The reason being the recorded information gets through only after quality and credibility assurance from the authorities. It is also effective in reducing your inbound calls linked to your contact center, by striking proactive communication with clients. 

Reach your target audience in the fastest, simplest, and cost-effective way via the best bulk voice call service in Kolkata. Let Web2SMS assist you in your marketing endeavors through their effective bulk voice call campaigns. 

Bulk voice service will help you open up an array of opportunities like event notifications, lead generations, political campaigns, notifications, and promotional services. The company has different affordable plans that have specific features and validity from 2- 6 months to 1 year. Once you pay for your chosen package, activation of the package starts immediately.