Want To Drive Traffic To Your E-Commerce Site? Choose Bulk SMS Service

affordable bulk sms service

With the help of bulk sms reseller service in India, you can build prospective databases, increase leads & convert them into reliable customers for your e-commerce business.

Online shopping has become a part and a parcel of everyone’s lives. With ecommerce websites guaranteeing the best deals and ease of accessibility, it has become an effective marketing tool for major vendors and retailers. From buying fashion apparel, ordering favorite delicacies to book holiday destinations and online retail transactions, Indian E-Commerce is a thriving industry. It offers a varied range of services through its web portals and shopping websites. For generating traffic and also, sale on an ecommerce website, bulk sms service providers can be of immense help. 

Significance Of SMS Marketing In the E-Commerce Industry:-

It is a known fact that traditional email marketing has lost its charm in attracting customers. Even traditional newsletters are ineffective in getting clients’ attention. SMS marketing has always been a reliable and efficient marketing tool for brands and also, businesses to promote their products and services. For the e-commerce industry, sms marketing is a mass promotional marketing channel across many consumer segments. It has been a breakthrough approach for the ecommerce giants. 

Major Benefits Of Affordable Bulk SMS Service:-

  • Increasing Sales And Conversions:– There are several ways to boost your e-commerce sales through bulk text messages. Also, you can choose either of the following depending on your business requirements:
  1. Pitch newly launched products to existing customers
  2. Remind customers about unpaid products, bills, and services
  3. Advertise to the target audience
  4. Sending personalized messages on special events to enhance customer relationship
  5. Offering rebates and discounts from time to time for premier customers
  • Retargeting Old Shoppers:- There might be potential customers who ordered from your website previously but have been inactive for quite some time. Or there can be products in their cart that they do not remember. You can reach these customers with retargeting smses that act as a reminder or send a sales pitch. These are the valuable customers that you surely do not want to lose. 
  • Build A Robust Database Of Customers:- Retail sms marketing helps to attract and also, engage new customers. All you need to do is use keywords, long-codes, incentives along special deals to encourage customers. Add the SMS subscribe form to your website to generate more leads. Also, make sure you give your customers a great shopping experience such that they maintain the relationship. 

Bulk messaging includes nearly 15 million messages sent across around the globe every minute. So be prepared to make the most of it by being on the top of the customer’s mind. For affordable bulk sms service contact Web2SMS so that you get all the necessary guidelines to make your ecommerce business soar through bulk sms marketing.