Importance of Affordable Bulk SMS Service In the Education Sector

affordable bulk sms service in india

Bulk SMS service in Kolkata is effective in reaching out to students, teachers, and parents to update them about important updates, emergencies, and educational information.

Bulk sms service has become a huge hit among marketers due to its instant delivery, affordability, and versatility. India’s educational system is considered one of the largest in the world with over 70 million students attending schools, colleges, and universities. Acknowledged as one of the quickest and reliable modes of correspondence, affordable bulk sms service in India for institutes offers multiple advantages. 

How Is Bulk SMS Service Benefiting  Parents, Teachers, And Students? 

  • Enhancing Communication:-

In most schools, the teachers are notifying parents about their child’s progress through smses. Additionally, they inform parents about important happenings like revised syllabus, exam schedules, any kind of medical emergencies, etc. Thus bulk sms has become extremely useful in propagating key updates and is possibly the best way to maintain a connection. Also, there is no need to be connected to the internet to send an SMS, this makes it even more easier and popular among educational institutes

Apart from guardians and teachers, bulk sms help in keeping the relationship between school administrators and employees intact. They can also convey important administrative news, along with changes in the rules or norms. 

  • Cost-Effective and  Time Savior:-

Communicating with individual candidates or parents is definitely time-consuming. Moreover, the effort required to reach out separately can be draining and lead to additional expense. Also, it is extremely affordable and does not need institutes to spend insane amounts of money. 

Apart from these major benefits bulk sms messaging is also helpful in:

  • Sending reminders about deadlines of submitting projects, reports, and assignments
  • Notifying about delays, cancellations, or closures of schools and colleges in extreme weather conditions
  • Sending emergency alerts to parents about a student’s health crisis, safety, or any other kind of severity.

Thus due to its instant delivery rate, highest open frequency of messages, enhanced response rates, and widespread outreach, make bulk sms service the best communication channel. 

WhatsApp Marketing for Educational Purposes:-

Along with text messaging services, bulk whatsapp marketing services in India is the next big marketing channel and communication medium. With its interesting new features like Groups, broadcast, quick replies, it has become effective in easing communication gaps. Moreover, students can share their tasks via video calls, teachers can make learning groups cater to students’ doubts, etc.  With the recent Covid-19 pandemic attack, classes are mostly conducted online and there is no other medium better than whatsapp to hand out class information, notes, and assignments. 

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