All About Bulk Voice Call Services- Your Questions, Our Answers

Bulk voice call services

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Advertisements and promotions are key essentials to put your business in the limelight. Your goal is to make your audience take notice of your brand and avail of your services. Therefore proper channels and tools are important to market your brand. Among the trending marketing strategies, sms marketing and bulk voice call services are grabbing a lot of attention.

SMS services have the highest success rate but recently bulk voice calls are becoming equally popular. Let us discuss at length about bulk voice call services by answering the most common questions that audiences have a doubt with.

1. What Exactly Is Bulk Voice Call?

Bulk voice calls help you to send recorded voice messages to multiple call recipients in a very short time frame. With the help of computer-managed call lists, you can automatically dial several numbers to connect both landline and mobile networks across the country.

2. What Are the Biggest Advantages of Bulk Voice Calls?

  • Language Customization Available:- This ensures that there is no language barrier anymore. You need not communicate in English or Hindi, which are the most widely used languages.
  • Helps Schedule Calls and Send Notifications:- Without dialing phone numbers physically, you can make calls by scheduling them beforehand. Bulk voice call service in Kolkata and in other regions also helps to send notifications. This is an essential benefit as you do not lose any business opportunities.
  • Easy Control Panel:- The bulk voice call software is user-friendly and easy to access. So, operations and maintenance are an easy catch, and there are no complexities involved.
  • Simplified Connectivity:- The seamless and compatible mobile application that is android IOS or Windows-based can deliver bulk voice calls. You can even connect through web applications.

3. Which Industries Gain From Voice Calls?

Bulk voice call services in India are gaining tremendous popularity due to its high response rate. Almost all the industries are benefiting from it. Some of these industries are:

  • Financial institutions- banks, insurance business, mutual fund managers
  • Utility services- gas, telephone, cable providers
  • Healthcare industry-hospitals and wellness centers
  • Hospitality sectors
  • Media Houses
  • Railways, airlines
  • Educational institutes-universities, schools, and colleges

4. What Is the Billing System for Bulk Voice Calls?

The prices for land phones and mobiles are the same. There is no difference. And you only pay for calls that are answered. No charges are deducted for unanswered calls.

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