Uncover the Difference Between Promotional & OTP SMS Services

Bulk Sms Marketing tricks

Have you heard of the growing importance of bulk sms marketing? Do you know what sets apart promotional SMS and OTP SMS? Do read this blog.

SMS or Short Messaging Services came into existence since the inception of mobile phones. Its popularity has increased ten times over as we now use for both personal and professional purposes. SMS marketing is an approach that implements permission-based text messaging for providing bulk promotional sms service in India.

Communication in business via SMS is an important aspect to increase customer engagement. Moreover, it has become the new norm for conveying important information to clients. Hence nowadays marketers use bulk sms services to help businesses secure a strong footing in this competitive market.

Among the Realm of Bulk Sms Service, There Is Broadly Two Categories:-

  • Transactional SMS or OTP SMS
  • Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS or OTP SMS:-

OTP (One-Time-Password) SMS is an automatically generated string of numeric characters used to verify a particular transaction. This is one of the cheapest ways to transfer your confidential information. Generally, eCommerce portals, banks, and many other businesses use OTP SMS services. OTP messages are of high priority and are related to your transactional history, hence marketers use a secure route to deliver. It also uses a two-step authentication process to avoid any kind of data breach.

Due to the rise of hackers, mobile number verification is mandatory. To Complete the transaction gets automatically you confirm your number. The urgency of such messages is high. Therefore, an OTP SMS service provider in India ensures that these messages are delivered on time. Thus, OTP SMS are very useful for carrying on tasks that are account-related.

Promotional SMS:-

Brands send Promotional SMS text messages to prospective customers showcasing their new products, offers, or discounts. Generally, these messages are sent to customers with respect to any activity they made on their app or website. Bulk promotional sms services in Ranchi, have become fairly popular due to its ability to engage more customers.

Major Differences Between OTP SMS and Promotional SMS:-

  • Promotional sms are for marketing purposes- offers, promotions, product knowledge, sales. OTP SMS refers to transactional information or confirmation updates.
  • Promotional sms can be sent between 9 am to 9 pm. Transactional sms or OTP SMS are not time-bound, therefore you can send it anytime.
  • Promotional SMS uses the API route=1, while OTP SMS uses API route=4.
  • user Cannot receive promotional SMS when the DND service is active on his number. However, since transactional SMS are essential, DND Numbers allows it.

Brand promotions through bulk SMS marketing are the current trend among marketers. So, if you want to excel and thrive in your business, making use of this service will benefit you.

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