How Can Businesses Fight Covid-19 Blues With Whatsapp Marketing?

bulk whatsapp marketing

Learn how bulk sms marketing & whatsapp marketing are keeping business function during the Covid-19 crisis. Some benefits you should know. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been impacting both health business adversely. The rising recession, loss of jobs, declining salary, lessened revenue have taken a toll on the world’s economy. Hence, every brand needs to think about how to keep their business afloat during such situations.

While government officials are finding ways to come out of such a catastrophe, the current situation looks grim for businesses that are still not operating digitally. In a situation of rising uncertainty, marketers and SMS service providers are emphasizing the use of digital tools to not let go of the business. 

Whatsapp Marketing: 

After Facebook and  Youtube, Whatsapp has become an increasingly popular platform for people worldwide. A recent survey suggests that nearly 1.5 billion people use Whatsapp. With the Whatsapp audience growing every day, it is hard to not use bulk whatsapp marketing services in India, especially during times of emergencies. 

How Can  Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns Help Your Business?

  • You can create a positive and engaging brand image for your business by connecting with users and clients. 
  • One-to-one interaction with customers to promote new products and services will earn good credibility.
  • The campaign will help you understand how customers are responding to your services and facilities. Thus, this can work as a stimulus to ensure more customer reach. 

Thus, features like economical, reliability, and ease of use, make WhatsApp marketing service a key practice to generate leads. Hence, Whatsapp has become the lifeline for many small businesses that have limited resources. 

Bulk SMS Marketing:

During Covid-19, business continuity is the key. As there will be new challenges and hurdles, businesses need to adapt to new changes. When social distancing and restriction to the public gathering are still the norms, communication to staff and customers need better focus. This is when bulk sms marketing can be the cloud with a silver lining.’

Affordable Bulk SMS service providers In Ranchi and other states help businesses and brands provide comprehensive mobile marketing strategies effectively. This helps to build prospective databases of clients, increase leads and convert them into reliable customers, and also retain existing ones through effective campaigns. 

Here Are Some Advantages Of Bulk SMS Marketing:

  • The bulk sms service provider can help you make your products reach a wider audience and prioritize your brand’s exclusiveness.
  •  It is convenient for businesses to send out large bulk SMSes to thousands of recipients with just one click at the same time. 
  • brands will gain from robust sms gateway, secured channels, scalable infrastructure with inbuilt redundancy.

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