Defining the Strategies of Marketing By Short Code SMS In Kolkata

short code SMS in kolkata

Are you looking for the real marketing strategies and increase your business? Then short code SMS in kolkata can be your answer. Many people spend their days messaging each other since they possess a mobile phone. So to make an impact, more and more trades are turning into a text message and SMS marketing. And by using the Shortcodes, you can make your business reach people in a most effective, simplified and fastest means.

So What Is Short Code?

To text your company, shortcodes are five digit numbers that the customers use. As they have become very popular with the nightclubs, radio stations and television programmer which are utilized in place of hard to remember and long-winded mobile numbers, you will surely notice them. There is a certain example of this five digit code 80818 which is used for SMS marketing in kolkata.

What Are Short Code Marketing’s?

To permit current or prospective clients to carry out multiple activities using the mobile phone, shortcode marketing is the act of using text messaging shortcodes. There are some common uses which include

  • Entering prize draws or competitions
  • Signing up for offers or promotions
  • Appealing a call for more information such as brochure
  • Completing or voting a survey
  • Registering an interest for event, service or product.
  • Applying for promotional coupon and services

To carry out using a messaging text, your organization can prompt any other response or action or carry out these marketing actions.

Why Should One Use IT?

To engage the customers with the business, short text messaging campaign is very important. To send the text message to an easy to remember the number in a short way rather than to speak over phone and visit website, this method of messaging has brought significant results. It is something that your customer will get engaged without another thought, since, it is quick and easy mean. To attract the clients, you should use them as these messages are simple, quick and attractive. You won’t pay the odds for it if you find a good service provider.

 How Does the Business Start With Short Codes?

This is very easy. Finding the right company can help you a lot since they specialize in the field of short messaging market. They will make you understand the process in step by step.


 At last, it can be said short messaging is one of the innovative policy to attract the customer and you can avail the services of “Web2SMS”.