Some Frequently Asked Questions on Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS

These are some of the pertinent questions often asked by customers about Promotional SMS Services in Kolkata. Read them and see if it matches yours.

Promotional SMS are sent to customers to make them aware of different products. Companies use this service for sending promotional marketing messages The promotional SMS are available only to non-DND customers between 9 AM till 9 PM. There is plenty of Promotional SMS service provider in Kolkata.

Some basic features of Promotional SMS service:-

  • The credit deducts if the customers are DND users.
  • There is no fixed template
  • Get an instant delivery service from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Send SMS in official languages like English, Hindi and other regional languages like Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, etc.
  • Also, you can send HTTP API which is available in different programming languages.

FAQs regarding promotional SMS service:-

What is a Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS is a platform that will help you to send thousands of SMS regarding your products to more customers at a time. You just need one click to reach thousands of anonymous people.

Can I test a demo account before buying any Promotional SMS service?

A big Yes. All the Promotional SMS service providers will provide a demo account for their clients. It is very easy to log into the account and use that to understand how convenient is your service provider.

How much SMS I can send at a time?

Although it differs from provider to provider. But you can send around 1 lakh Promotional SMS from Kolkata to all over India at once.

Which type of SMS can I send to DND numbers?

For DND users you will be able to send only transactional SMS. You can not send any promotional SMS to DND users.

What is the refund policy for unsent messages?

If such issues occur that your messages is do not deliver to people, Web2SMS, one of the best Promotional SMS service providers in Kolkata will credit the same amount of SMS in your account within 2 business days.