Top Marketing Strategies To Engage New Leads In Business!

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If you provide bulk SMS service in Kolkata, then you must be aware of “lead generation.” Read this blog to know the marketing strategies that leads into customers. 

SMS Marketing has become more popular than ever before. And it owes all the importance to smartphones. These statistics will continue to grow at a whopping rate. While SMS sounds like an old term, it does indicate that your SMS marketing strategy is not in place. Let’s know all about bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata

Top Marketing Strategies To Engage New Leads 

  1. Send Them A Welcome SMS 

As soon as any user subscribes, you get permission to send them an SMS. It is important to use this opportunity wisely because first impressions matter. The first message that you send them is a short, welcoming text. Such texts will help you set the right foot for your relationship. Moreover, it enables users to remember about their subscriptions.             

  1. Send New Content And Offers                        

One of the most suitable ways to engage leads after sending them welcome text is to inform them about new offers. Both discount deals and exclusive deals work best when it comes to SMS marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is the best way to reward your customers who have been with you for a long time. Sending regular offers keeps them engaged with your brand.    

  1.   Send Reminders For Appointments, Webinars, etc. 

People are generally busy with their day-to-day activities because of which they forget important events. However, sending an SMS message as a reminder to your subscribers will help them remember their commitments. Studies suggest that sending reminders is an efficient marketing strategy, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.                         

  1. For Sending Links To Download Content

SMS marketing is also applicable when you want to send downloadable content to your subscribers using a link. This link can be anything from a free e-book to a ticket or even an application. SMS message click-through rates are too high. It covers more than 35% of leads. This is almost ten times greater than the click rate of email marketing. 

  1. Send Customer Support SMS

Customer forms the backbone of businesses. In order to make customer support effective, it has to contain instant support. 95% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes and the average response rate is 90 seconds. Further, this makes SMS marketing work better than any other channel for customer support. It is wide-reaching and convenient this way.


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