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Mobile Marketing Techniques: Bulk SMS & Conversational Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing emerged as a crucial component of effective product advertising. Here, we will introduce you to the benefits of conversational marketing & bulk SMS marketing. 

Conversational marketing offers individualised communications that customers want to interact with rather than shoving advertisements in their faces. Apart from this, low cost bulk voice call in Kolkata is rapidly expanding as advertisers highlight all of the advantages it offers. 

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Do Bulk Voice Call Can Actually Uplift Your Business?

Bulk Voice Call

If you are living in the mobile world and not using a bulk voice call service in Kolkata, then you are losing a lot. Read this blog to know the benefits of it. 

The easy accessibility and advanced technology of mobile devices are potential marketing tools. Hence, marketers have been leveraging its advantages for a long time. As a provider of bulk voice call service in India, even you should make use of it. 

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Unlock The Potential Of Bulk WhatsApp Service For The Medical Industry

One of the best marketing approaches to propel the healthcare sector is bulk WhatsApp marketing in Kolkata. Know more about the service in this blog. 

The healthcare industry is expanding at a never-before-seen rate. At a compound yearly growth rate of 8.9%, the global healthcare market is projected to rise from $8,452 billion in 2018 to around $11,908 billion by the end of 2022. The world market is expanding as a result of the rising population, increasing health requirements, and expanding use of cloud-based healthcare services. By incorporating WhatsApp marketing services in Kolkata into their communication strategy, healthcare firms can give every client a special experience and increase consumer engagement. In this situation, text messaging has allowed marketers to reach out to potential clients to introduce them to new goods and services.

The healthcare industry’s Bulk WhatsApp Business API

Because the healthcare industry has been hesitant to adopt new technologies and integrate them into their daily operations. The idea of using WhatsApp Business API for healthcare has only been around for a few months. However, there is no better strategy to enhance this industry and satisfy the clients. 

  • Appointment reminders: Patients can always check their WhatsApp messages to obtain a reminder of the next appointment, scheduling appointments is now simple.
  • Ideas For Potential Test Results: If a test result points to something negative, it becomes evident easily. Their insurance provider could occasionally want to look into that themselves. Patients who receive the warnings via WhatsApp messaging beforehand can save a lot of money.
  • Information on Treatment and Medications: Hospital administrators can send patients updates on their treatment using the power of Whatsapp marketing in Kolkata. Additionally, they can let customers know when a course or a medication’s expiration date.
  • Onboarding of Patients: Create chatbots for patient onboarding that ask patients for essential information and documentation. Instantaneously and securely send the information gathered to your patient management programme.
  • Management of Reports: Directly from your hospital management system, automatically send WhatsApp notifications. Inform patients of new medications, test findings, and any other updates to their file.


For health care providers, providing patients with the best care requires more than merely carrying out procedures and making diagnoses. The healthcare process requires efficient communication at every stage. Effective communication is always required in the healthcare industry, whether it’s a health centre sharing patient data with another hospital or a group of doctors and specialists debating the best course of action for their patients.
Thus, there are a few ways by which bulk whatsapp marketing in India might be helpful to the medical sector. Web2sms is the top service provider. Visit their websites to learn more.

The Reasons Why Transactional SMS Messages Are So Famous

At present, industries engage in new approaches to connect with customers. And transactional SMS messages in Kolkata are surely one of them. Know why they are so popular. 

SMS marketing has been becoming more popular owing to its multiple benefits. All size brands leverage SMS messages in order to promote their products and services. When an SMS service provider sends bulk messages directly to your consumers, your business gets more recognition. 

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Leverage SMS Marketing And Grow Your E-Commerce Business

sms marketing

Ecommerce businesses are always in search of ways to increase sales. Read this blog and know how bulk SMS marketing in Kolkata is a good fit for doing the same. 

Often overlooked, bulk promotional SMS in Kolkata is an effective way for boosting sales in Ecommerce. Moreover, it is a good way for reaching out to your target customers instantly. There is no question about its potential to drive massive traffic to your website. 

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